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FTTP 900 shocking speeds

I have just upgraded from FTTP 500MB to  900mb and added complete wifi with all 3 disks.

My disk upstairs says excellent but when connected to it my speed is dire at around 20mb.

Any suggestions.

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Re: FTTP 900 shocking speeds

I suspect you have made a 2.4ghz connection to the disc ? (mind you, it still should be faster are you measuring mbits per second or mbytes per second?)
You cant split them (unfortunately) so first check what type of connection you have.
Right click on the wifi icon, then go to open network and internet settings, thenwifi and then hardware properties and check.

What disks are you using ?, mini, white or black ?

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Re: FTTP 900 shocking speeds

black discs all 3 are connected with type 5ghz.

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Re: FTTP 900 shocking speeds

Ok, so need to workout where the limit is/
Is it possible to hardware connect to the Smarthub and do a speed test ? that will give a baseline
Are speeds quicker nearer other disks ?

But I dont have the black disks and they work as an integrated part of the hub I believe so probably need someone with more experience of these units.
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