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FTTP 900Mbps upload speed restricted to 50Mbps?

Hi all

I recetlu upgraded to FTTP900 and although my download speeds are fine my upload seems to be capped at 50Mbps or close enough no matter what client i use.

The funny thing is, until recently i had my own router installed, a Synology RT2600AC in mesh with 2 Synology MR2200AC. In that config i was getting the full 110Mbps upload no matter what client.

The synology mesh was not perfoming very well so i dug out the BT SMarthub2 and the new WiFi Disc BT send me and my internal speeds have increased from 220Mbps on the Synology Mesh to closer to 400Mbps. However the upload seems to bever go above 50...

I called FTTP team and the guy on the phone dismissed me immediately as he said they do not have the means to test the 900 product...very strange.

Any ideas anyone? 

As a side note, considering the expense of the Synology devices, i am surprised at the better performace of the SmartHub 2. I am on the fence of buying another Wifi Disc for it or to just splash out and go with Asus Zen XT8. But then again i dont really have any Wifi6 devices other than my phone!

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Re: FTTP 900Mbps upload speed restricted to 50Mbps?

@mmalamos  Call the FTTP team again on 0800 587 4787.

Whoever you talked to is right there is a speed checker issue but yours is likely a known issue effecting several customers.

Theyll need someone from the Hub team to connect and change some settings only they can access.

You can also ask the mods to help you out on the following thread.

in the meantime check your firmware is v17 and if not reboot it to see if it pulls down v17

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Re: FTTP 900Mbps upload speed restricted to 50Mbps?

@Forthay thanks!


That is the number I called but the guy on the phone was almost rude to me. Maybe a long shift.  I kept telling him that my own router 2 hours earlier was uploading at 120 Mbps and I knew the line could take it but he was not interested. 


I need to phone in and ask for another disc anyway so might as well have that conversation. 

I did reboot the hub as it has been in storage for 18 months and it did pick up v17.1 for the hub and v 16 for the disc  but still uploads are restricted. 

Will reach out to the mods as well. 


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Re: FTTP 900Mbps upload speed restricted to 50Mbps?

@mmalamos it’s not good that happened, most of the FTTP team are really helpful.

You’ll eventually either get someone on the FTTP team that can help or one of the mods on the other thread will.

You’re definitely not alone with the issue you’ve described.

It can be bit hit and miss on the knowledgeability of the person you talk too.

best of luck, but I’m sure it will be fixed.

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Re: FTTP 900Mbps upload speed restricted to 50Mbps?

@Forthay I just spend another 30 minutes on hold and managed to get through to no one. The waiting times are very bad with BT and i know times are hard now but the waiting times with BT were always very very long. 

Funny i got through to someone within 5 minutes when i wanted to upgrade and renew my contract!

This is all a shambles really as when i first wanted to upgrade BT itself would not recognise me as BT customer and had to call in. Then when i started raising an issue with the troubleshooter yesterday and chose the poor wifi option it apparently connected to my SH2 only to tell me i had no wifi devices connected when in fact i had over 30 devices connected!

As others have said, BT was not ready for this product. At least not until the release a new SmartHub supporting AX speeds.

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