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FTTP BT Smart Hub 2 WDS functionality?

Hello all,

I've just had FTTP installed today, unfortunately the wireless speed in the main room I use a PC is caps out at around 200mbit and before I either run a long cat6 cable via the loft or consider the BT Wifi Plus service does anyone know/have you been able to use WDS in order to link two routers together.

I have a Netgear "Nighthawk" R7000 which is running the Tomato custom firmware and does support WDS, however I couldn't see any options in the Smart Hub 2 for WDS so would I be right in assuming it's locked away from users therefore preventing you doing so? Obviously being able to WDS two routers together would be better than running cables via the loft space or paying for another service.


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Re: FTTP BT Smart Hub 2 WDS functionality?

Not tried WDS with Smarthub2 but I do know that Netgear EX6120 wifi range extender works

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Re: FTTP BT Smart Hub 2 WDS functionality?

The Smart hub2 doesn't support WDS, but surely as long as the Netgear does the SH2 doesn't need to, the Netgear would just act as a repeater. Why not just use powerline adaptors.

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