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FTTP Modems

Hello! I hope this is in the right place!


Soon, BT will be fitting in FTTP to my area, and I have a bitdefender box which I currently have a BT Business HUB and use that in modem mode and the bitdefender box as a router.


How will I go about using the bitdefender box with the BT SMART HUB 2 or can I get a modem to use instead if so which modems do you recommend? 


Also! Can I use a different socket to my master socket like I am now when I have FTTP installed? (I have no home phone what so ever, only my modem the  BT Business HUB, is plugged into my broadband socket the master socket and other sockets provide the same speed when I last tested them)

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Re: FTTP Modems

If you are getting FTTP then your will get an ONT installed which is the modem and the router connected to the ONT by Ethernet cable

ONT fttp_small_ont_2019.jpg

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