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Failed DD

Why are BT not giving people a little breathing space during this world wide pandemic? My DD failed due to my employer paying my wages late, and now BT are charging me an extra £10 on my bill when I am only receiving 80% of ny wage due to being furloughed. This would be ok if BT were donating this money that I can't afford to charities that require help during this time. I paid my bill within the billing period and it was not a late payment. It is impossible to get through to BT to discuss this I have tried and tried. 

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Re: Failed DD

Hi @Mwhitty, I'm sorry you have cause to complain, with these uncertain times we understand that some customers may need more time to pay their bill and we're currently not disconnecting any lines or adding any late fees for unpaid bills. 

The direct debit process is automated and unless we're asked to change the collection date then it will attempt to collect on the date advised on your bill and then again 5 working days later. If it fails the second time then a £10 administration charge is applied. I'll send you a private message in a moment so you can get in touch and we'll be happy to look into this for you.


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