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Fiber broadband


I am new to the forum as i have not had many problems with BT ......until now.

Last friday 21/8/20 i came home from work to find my smart hub 2 had a solid orange light. I tried all the usual checks ,reset,cables etc before contacting BT.

I was told i had a faulty router and another would be sent out. During which time i managed to get hold of a brand new home hub 2 which had never been out the box and gave it a try but no luck.

Since then i have phoned Bt 7-8 times i have had 2 engineers out who both have said the problem is with BTs end.

So today 26/8/20 i had a call back from Bt asking how i got on with my router ? To which i told them that i had no luck and it didnt work.

They now want to send a 3rd engineer to my house which means maybe another wasted day off work.

I feel like i am chasing my tail here and waithin in ques to speak to them every time to find i am no further on!

Could anyone please advise me on what to do next or where do i go from here.

Thanks for your time/patience in reading all this.

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Re: Fiber broadband

Do you have a dial tone on your phone line? If you dial 17070 is it your number that is read out?

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Re: Fiber broadband

Hi, thanks for the reply

Yes my phone line is in good working order, only the broadband is down😭 , i have a dial tone  and have done the line qiiet test etc.

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Re: Fiber broadband

Similar thing happened to me about a year ago. My phone worked perfectly but the broadband was off.

The engineer eventually discovered that my line was completely disconnected in the street cabinet and neither my phone or broadband should have been working. 

To this day I still don't have a clue how my phone was working. 

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Re: Fiber broadband

Its not handy at all, worst thing is no one really knows what to do. I get passed about from advisor to engineers and feel like its a game of tennis back and fore!! I will ring Bt when im home from work and ask again whats happening. I will probably have to ring every day until they are sick of me 😂

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Re: Fiber broadband

If I had a problem and the normal channels didn't seem fixing it then I always used to ring or email the ‘executive level complaints department’ who always seemed to get things sorted pretty sharpish. 

I am not sure if they even exist anymore within BT as its been over 10 years since I last dealt with them. 

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Re: Fiber broadband

I might try looking into that and see if they are still about then. 

Thanks for taking time to reply.

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