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Fibre 150 slow wifi

I've just moved to BT after being with talktalk.

My WiFi devices speed with talktalk was always in the 40-50Mbps on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, and I was on their 67Mbps copper line.

Got new fibre line installed with smart hub 2 and my WiFi speed on 2.4Ghz devices is really slow. Get about 10-20Mbps. 5Ghz devices are showing 100-140Mbps which is great.

Is the 2.4Ghz on the smart hub 2 like this. My son's Xbox always ends up on the 2.4 and it is unplayable. It was always ok with talktalk.

Ideally I'd like to split the ssids but I know that can't be done. Any help appreciated




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Re: Fibre 150 slow wifi

did you turn off smart set up in hub manager

try changing the wifi channels from auto to a selected channel probably using a wifi analyser on phone to see which channels would be best

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Re: Fibre 150 slow wifi

Is the smart setup you refer to in the channel selection. I have switched it off smart to different channels using analiti as a guide to which channels are less congested. 

5Ghz is great but 2.4 is rubbish

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Re: Fibre 150 slow wifi

I have found the smart setup and turned it off.

I use a mobile and smart setup isnt listed when you go to hub settings. I used a laptop to turn it off. I will see how it goes

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