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Fibre 900 FTTP PPPoE set up with MikroTik

Hi, I'm struggling to get my MikroTik router to make a working connection directly to the BT ONS with PPPoE.

The MikroTik is set up with 

User =


Password = BT

I have selected 'Peer DNS' and this seems to be working as the router displays the BT dns server adderesses and the router says it is connected but I cannot ping any addresses from inside the router itself and have no internet on the lan side.

I have ip6 enabled on the router and in the 'profile' I am using.

The MikroTik has the standard firewall config enabled, this seems to work fine when I hang the MikroTik downstream of the SmartHub2 but I wonder if it is blocking the PPPoE connection somehow.

I'm no router expert and I'm beginning to flounder round in the MikroTik options!   Any suggestions greatly appreciated.







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Re: Fibre 900 FTTP PPPoE set up with MikroTik

As this appears to be a MikroTik problem rather than a BT problem, you might be better advised by posting on the Mikrotik forum.

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Re: Fibre 900 FTTP PPPoE set up with MikroTik

Wise words, I'm sure.

I'm  a man of faith and I hope there maybe some one here who was walked this way before.

And I have seen conflicting advice on the credentials for instance and on the correct settings for 'Peer DNS'. There may be something to be gained from general PPPoE wisdom.  Or even BT PPPoE wisdom, I don't know enough about PPPoE to know if such a thing exists. And Mr. MikroTik says he is connected...

I can't be the only MikroTik user in BT world, surely!

ta like,




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Re: Fibre 900 FTTP PPPoE set up with MikroTik

The PPPoE credentials you are using are the correct ones, there is nothing further to add from a BT requirement perspective.

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Re: Fibre 900 FTTP PPPoE set up with MikroTik


First follow the guide here

The web version is here.

I didn't want to remove the default config (because it has the firewall rules in it)  but in the end I couldn't get it work without a blank canvas in the router. So remove the default config! 

Use these credentials.

User = and Password = BT

 Then apply the firewall rules - I got mine here

video description here -








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Re: Fibre 900 FTTP PPPoE set up with MikroTik

Glad you got it sorted and thanks for the update to help other MikroTik customers.

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Re: Fibre 900 FTTP PPPoE set up with MikroTik

I too have just installed a Mikrotik router (Hex S), and followed the guides here to get it working.  I've also managed to get BT IPTV working too.  I have to say that these routers are amazing for the price, but do require some network knowledge to get them up and running.

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Re: Fibre 900 FTTP PPPoE set up with MikroTik

Hi NP,

I suspect the MikroTik is really above my paygrade in terms of understanding all the features and I do need extensive hand holding to get it to work. Maybe Ubiqiti is a better option for less 'out of the box' angst. However I'm a glutton for punishment I have the Hex and two CAPs in the house and it works a treat. As you say you get an amazing amount of power for the price. Glad it is all up and running for you. 

It might be helpful for other IPTV users (I'm not one) what settings did you have to enable/disable for that to work?



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Re: Fibre 900 FTTP PPPoE set up with MikroTik

Hi Harry.  I basically followed the guide here . In my case the WAN connection is PPPoE on ether1, but the rest is much the same.  There's also a good video guide on port forwarding here  (along with some other useful stuff!)

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Re: Fibre 900 FTTP PPPoE set up with MikroTik

I’ve been trying one of the Unifis routers, the UDM which has the AP built in. They do a Pro version with the AP as a rack device.

Be warned its like Apple so you need Unifi APs and switches to make full use of its features and the UI is very messy as they offer a new and old view which you need to move around to find various functions.

Theres a fair few bugs and firmware updates create issues and downgrading firmware is not straight forward as the controller side does not fully support it. 
The latest version on my UDM has seen an unnatural increase in CPU and has altered there QoS system so be prepared for fun and games.

There is a well know issue with this line where PPPoE is limited to around 850 but some see less and it’s an issue that’s been there from its release.

Also note that Unifi APs don’t have the same coverage compared to other APs of similar spec due to them handling larger number of clients compared to say an all in one routers. 
It’s ok if you are ok knowing you will hit issues but it’s got it’s issues. 

they do a range called Edge routers which tend to have a following, rumours fly around about EOL and they are knocking on a bit but many like that line.

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