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Fibre Broadband install

Ordered Fibre broadband at start of December 2020, so far had 2 engineers come out and refuse to come into the house to install it due to Covid, we did eventually get a Copper connection activated after using a WiFi dongle which BT recommended we go out and buy. We barely get 5mb on the copper connection, not great for 2 key workers trying to work from home and one child doing his school work.

Got told today via Email new appointment date 6th April, only not confident they will do it then either, bit of a joke offer fibre but don't actually tell you Openreach and their subbies won't actually install it.

To add to this when I rang today to query why was told if Broadband less than 30mb then they will install it, does anyone know if this is true or more BT mis information???



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Re: Fibre Broadband install

The Openreach staff who fitted my Fibre to the home on 1st Feb did say they had been told not to enter houses (but did anyway with agreement between them and me, though there is some information that indicates orders before a cutoff date would still happen) and did mention that they were allowed 'if you didn't have a connection. Didn't mention the speed but on the OR website it says

"If you're expecting  an Openreach engineer to visit your home, they’ll do all they can to get you up and running without entering. We've already been operating within stricter guidelines and we’ve decided now to go even further than the government advice. This means we'll minimise our time in homes for the time being and only come in for urgent provisions and critical repairs. These include:

Repairs - where a customer has a total loss of service
Provisions - where it's not possible to provide service to the customer from outside the home
Provision upgrades - where the customer doesn't have an existing good and stable service."

Which seems to indicate that its 'good and stable' which 30mb would certainly be considered 'good'

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Re: Fibre Broadband install

My speed is about 5Mb hardly good and certainly not stable, when I ordered fibre in December we had no provision

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Re: Fibre Broadband install

So what did the install team say. Did you get a chance to discuss ? certainly my team were very approachable and happy yo help.
Given your new date you will probably not have a problem, but do talk to them.
Do you have any risk factors, people sheltering etc ?
I had all the windows open and the way cleared ready for them (then made them a cup of coffee which seemed to negate this)
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