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Final bill refund - 2months and still waiting

We were promised a refund of over £600 as a new contract was started without our permission (information sent to an email address with a typo in it). I have it in writing that the refund is due. 
However no such payment has been made. 
I have had lots of phone calls to BT with lots of apologetic but unhelpful people saying they weren’t able to help as they say they have paid it (on 15th September) but that the money has gone missing and they have no record of where it’s been paid to. 
We have now been asked to prove that we have not received the payment - by sending our bank statements in. How can I trust you won’t lose my personal information on these records seen as you have lost £600? And have no record of where it went. 
They say they have no record of our bank details - but did to take the money out.
Have taken to this message board after numerous promises that people will call back ‘in a couple of days’ that never did. 

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Re: Final bill refund - 2months and still waiting


Welcome to this user forum. Your post here does not go to BT, but the forum is moderated by BT, during working hours. 

If you are a business customer, then you need to post on the BT Business forum.

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