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Flexible sport package.

Might be signing back up with BT (open reach recently put some fibre in the area, initial sign up offer is good). Had a long chat with sales but they were unable to direct me to the relevant T+C before we commit for a particular question.

We only need sport for the Rugby season (it would be 4k). Outside that we would drop the Sport TV package but retain the Entertainment option, then sign back up to sport when the rugby started again. I have spent a while trying to read the options online but I might be missing it (most of the day running through calls and online ISP shopping around and brain clogged).

Is this an option at this moment in time?

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Re: Flexible sport package.


You could go for this one - no ties.

BT Sport - Monthly Pass Option 

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Re: Flexible sport package.

I agree that it's not very clear - I had to ask a colleague to confirm for sure.

You can switch between the 5 base packages every 30 days: Sport, Big Sport, Entertainment, Big Entertainment and VIP but this doesn't give you the combination you want (unless you take VIP, which is much more than you've asked for).

To get the combination you're after, you'd take the base Entertainment package (£16 a month) for the entire 24 month contract, and then add the BT Sport add-on just for the months you want it (£15 a month). You can then add the HD add-on for either the whole year, or just when Sport is on (£5 a month).  Assuming 6 months of rugby, that'd give a total cost of £312 for the first year (for just HD during sport season), or £342 (HD for the full year).  This works out £5 a month cheaper than the monthly pass option.

* All prices are subject to change, and will go up each March based on the Consumer Price Index Rate of inflation which is published in January each year plus 3.9%.

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Re: Flexible sport package.


The sales did say entertainment as the base package, with the HD extra £5 option (really , SD needs to be gone on any TV option everywhere). The basic (with HD) entertainment package we would keep for the 24 months.

Then Sport as the add on as required (with 4k option dropped on top of that if required) but appreciate the comment further up on the sports package App but that runs at 25. If I limit to non 4k is a fiver less in my costs.

Am I understanding you correctly?

Just checked the schedules and rugby runs from Sept to Jun! yoinks. Still saving 80 odd a year and in this day and age, 80 quid is 80 quid and beats existing supplier.


Index prices rise factored in already. Need to also know the times to drop the sport, that is to say notice required.



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Re: Flexible sport package.

I must admit - I thought that HD included 4k, but I've just had it confirmed that 4k is another £5 on top again. So the only benefit of taking the TV package option over the monthly pass is that you'd get it 4K on your BT TV set top box (subject to line speed), whereas monthly pass would only provide access via the app on supported devices.
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Re: Flexible sport package.

Well the information given on the flexible packages includes the following

“Customers with BT Sport in their subscription can add the HD bolt-on to get access to our dedicated 4K UHD channel, BT Sport Ultimate (4K TV, 4K TV box and 44 Mb line speed required).

You can add our HD bolt-on for £5 a month to watch any channel included in your package that has a HD variant.  As well as giving you BT Sport and AMC in HD, the HD bolt-on also includes NOW TV Boost. “

A further observation is that  the latest Entertainment packages with Netflix  is the basic level Netflix subscription  (ie SD content) so would require additional upgrade to Netflix Standard (HD) or Netflix Premium (4K) if you wanted higher quality.

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Re: Flexible sport package.

Before I left BT, I had 4k and had to pay extra. I was expecting that. I didn't expect to pay for HD. However if the base entertainment HD pack will get me HD on sports, I am willing to forgo 4k (as good as it is, but really SD is not transmitted from the stadiums and hasn't been for years the main).


I didn't realise but if I go through the booking process online, the option for the BT sport that is initially 24 months only, changes to 1 month option.


Thanks all, I think I will return to the fold.


(it will be FTTH, speed will not be an issue).

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