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Free Upgrade Error

Hello all,

I'm currently on bog standard copper cable broadband, as fibre wasn't available when I moved into my new build property at the end of December. The other day I had an email from Open Reach to tell me that they've completed the 'Ultrafast FTTP network' in my street and I can now contact my provider to get my property connected.

I'm now also receiving a message when I log into My BT that I'm 'eligible for up to 5x faster speeds at no extra cost' - however, when filling this form out it always ends up saying the package I selected isn't available and offers me alternative standard copper cable packages.

Am I getting this error because, I presume, an engineer visit is needed to upgrade me from copper to fibre, and as no visits are currently happening, the form is coming back telling me it's not available? I'm not really at all knowledgeable about the cables - do Open Reach install the cables to the cabinet and BT then do the cables from the cabinet to the house?

Any clarity somebody can give would be great, while our internet speed isn't great on copper it's been reliable enough so haven't bothered calling BT just yet but would obviously love to get improved speeds as soon as possible.

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