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Free Wi-Fi access for BT Mobile customers on the London Underground

Hi everyone,

For those BT Mobile customers who live, work or play in London and use the London Underground then I have some great news to share with you.

BT Mobile customers can now get free Wi-Fi access on the underground at 330 tube stations 😁

Once you setup this service you will not need to worry about changing any setting each time you visit the underground as you will automatically connect.

Initially, this will only be available to customers who use the Andriod operating system.  For those of you who use Apple products, you will need to wait a little longer before we launch this on IOS but stay tuned as we hope to launch before the end of the year.  Only Andriod and IOS operating systems will support the free Wi-Fi access.

To get started you will need to carry out a one-time setup.  Once you complete this, each time you travel on the tube you will be automatically connected to Wi-Fi, free of charge. 

To set up your Android device please follow the steps below;

 LU mobile connection.jpg


LU mobile connection 2.jpg



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