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Freeview on a freesat tv?

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Hello all... apologies in advance for what is possibly a dumb question (tech savvy I am not...)

I’m moving to Bt after finally having enough of virgin media. 
Getting the broadband/tv/landline package.

Can my freesat tv (currently connected to dish on front of house) get freeview? 

I’m due to have an aerial fitted later today.£30 to supply and fit...! (Tsg, through BT.... reading up on them online doesn’t fill me with confidence!!)

But I just got thinking.. Will the tv once connected to the new aerial be enough... or does it have to be a Freeview tv??

.... told you I wasn’t tech savvy😂😂

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Re: Freeview on a freesat tv?

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It will have Freeview as well as Freesat. If you look you will see 2 different aerial connections on the TV, an F type for satellite and a Belling Lee for Freeview

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Re: Freeview on a freesat tv?

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Thankyou Licquorice...

I feared the worst for a moment.. remembering the box the tv came in saying Freesat. 
cheers 👍

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