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Friends phone not ringing her end

We are having problems ringing a friend in the next village. when we ring her it does not ring her phone. This happens when we use landline or mobile and I have tried ringing from my mobile while standing on her doorstep and her phone does not ring. She is able to ring us okay and her other friends don't have a problem. Any help would be appreciated as I just cant understand what is going on. This has only been the case in the last three weeks.

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Re: Friends phone not ringing her end


Who provides her phone service?

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Re: Friends phone not ringing her end

Fairly sure it's BT but will double check as soon as I can get round there. Thanks

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Re: Friends phone not ringing her end

@MarkWood1  The lady wouldn't have happened to have added your number to her blocked numbers by accident (instead of the local double glazing company).

Only saying!

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Re: Friends phone not ringing her end

I did suggest that to her but she says not, and then we the same problem with both our mobiles. Thanks
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Re: Friends phone not ringing her end

When listening to ‘ringtone’ on the calling phone ( mobile or landline ) with the destination phone not ‘ringing’ ,  ask for the phone handset to be picked up ( as if the called party had heard it ‘ringing’,and answers )  if the ‘ringtone’ trips and a conversation can be held , then the ‘fault’ is quite a common one, basically the exchange isn’t sending ringing current to make the phone ‘ring’ , but the exchange is effectively sending ‘ringtone’ to the calling party.

If the call does connect , the person who has the non ringing phone , needs to report the issue to their provider as ‘BNR’ , which is ‘bell not ringing’ , obviously before reporting it, the phone instrument  itself needs to be checked in case the ringer is turned off or the phone is faulty, this can be proved by trying the suspect phone somewhere else, or by swapping for a known working phone, however this would explain if other people can get through OK and it’s only you that has an issue

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Re: Friends phone not ringing her end

Should say this wouldn’t explain why other people can get through 

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