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Full FIbre 900 OS throttling?

I upgraded to Full Fibre 900 about 2-3 weeks ago and I'm a little puzzled as to the differences in bandwidth I can achieve dependent on which OS I'm using.

Initially I was getting 550Mbps download and a solid 118Mbps upload  connected to the SmartHub2 , above my guaranteed minimum of 455Mbps . This bandwidth rang true for other devices connected to the SH2 via ethernet, with the max bandwidth being around the 550mbps mark.

I decided to connect directly to the ONT so I created a PPoE connection in windows but the bandwidth was more or less the same, checked NIC properties - speed and duplex etc was set to 1GB etc tna. Ran a linux live distro on the same hardware, connected to the ONT and created a PPoE connection ,  speeds of >900Mbps / 118Mpbs  over multiple tests.  Connected the SH2 back up and the results with the Linux live cd were again an impressive 900Mbps.

Back into Windows and sure enough the bandwidth reaches about 8-900mbps but then reduces to just about 550mbps. ( Nothing uploading/downloading in the background) . The SH2 seems to get affected to, seemingly capping my bandwidth. The only way for to 'reset' this is to do a speedtest within a *nix environment  and the flood gates open backup.

Finding it pretty strange. In Windows my bandwidth is stable but halved, In Linux it's stable and more or less max it's potential. Same hardware, same cabling. If Windows is limiting my bandwidth somehow, does it report back and affect my profile back at the exchange??

Anybody experience anything similar?



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Re: Full FIbre 900 OS throttling?

I wouldn't think this would use as much bandwidth as you are "losing" but it might be worth checking:-

Go into the Windows settings and check that in the Windows Update section that "Delivery Optimisation" is turned off.

See link

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Re: Full FIbre 900 OS throttling?

Thanks, but like you say I very much doubt that would consume nearly half a gig of bandwidth. Also I was on Halo 250 ( well it's predecessor ) and maxing it out at a rock solid 300Mbps without issues on Windows. 


I'll maybe try a fresh install of Windows and see if the issues reappears.



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