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Full Fibre 900 - Slow download

Good morning, 

I’ve found the forum really helpful in problem identification and rectification from others posts but am now at a loss. 

Full Fibre 900 albeit only receiving c440mbps from cat 6 wired Ethernet connection to smart hub 2. I’m using a usb-c to gigabit converter and an HP Envy laptop.

BT have replaced the ONT and the Smart hub 2. They say I’m receiving 928mbps at the hub albeit I’m in the cooling off period so can’t verify on test. The engineer could only get c220mbps on his laptop with a Ethernet card. 

I've tried a direct pppoe connection to the ONT which was slower and seemed capped to 140 mbps. 

Fitted a 3rd party TP Link router connected to the ONT but this was slower than the Smart Hub. So I’ve now removed this and gone completely back to the smart hub. 

At this stage tempted to revert back to 300 or 500 as there seems to be hardware limitation. 

Thanks for the help. 

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Re: Full Fibre 900 - Slow download

which service / server You using to measure speed you mentioning @Cookmf ?

If OOKLA (a.k.a. SpeedTest), your results will be really dependant on choice of  serve, and routing into it... Not always closest server, or automatically pre-set server will give you best results, and best view of your speed.


For example, my closest server is less then 4 miles away from me, and seems to be first choice... But it's showing me less impressive results, about what you mentioning... Results showing me 400 Mbps max down, and 6 ms ping.

When I change testing server to "Community Fibre" at London, which seems to be unwise, whilst I am good 280 miles away, I am getting much better results, in intention of 700-920 Mbps down, and ping about 11 ms.

Both options giving me 117-119 Mbps up...


That said, my broadband is capable use almost full line speed, if enough good route is between myself and server accessed... That's pretty normal...


Unfortunately, BT Broadband, even FTTP is service, which have not guaranteed speed whatsoever, while only guarantee is speed of line between your ONT/BT SH2 and your exchange. Nothing else... It's quite misleading practice from BT, be fair...

Plus, it's service, which will fluctuate over time of the day, depends of demand on line between yourself, and exchange, whilst every line, even FTTP will have their limit, and especially in city areas, where it's big possibility as there is close to maximum clients on the line, demand might overtake capacity at some points...


About engineers, they tend, same as BT itself, checking speed on 🙂
That's pretty unreliable result for anything over 500 Mbps downlink.

This also valid (unreliable results) for any speed test over MyBT, or Wholesale BT SpeedTest... 

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Re: Full Fibre 900 - Slow download

Yeh I am having the same issue, think its a scam or miss sold because its 900MB to the Exchange. So if the Exchange is having issues / over subscribed BT wont do anything. I think I've been miss sold, I have started a formal complaint to BT. Scouting the forums for users with the same issues. 

BT keep saying its Wi-Fi but I do state I am not even complaining about Wi-Fi anything coming out that ONT is max of 300mb

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Re: Full Fibre 900 - Slow download

Hey @gosforth can you provide some info from BT where they are guaranteeing speeds to the Exchange Only? I have been trying to find this. Thank you.

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Re: Full Fibre 900 - Slow download

The speeds are guaranteed to the hub not the exchange, that would make no sense whatsoever

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Re: Full Fibre 900 - Slow download

Small update:

Recommended factory reset by BT introduced the throttling issue on the upload, took days and 3 different advisers to sort out. (Shaping issue)

Anyone on fibre 900 be wary of factory reset! 

I’ve now had a tech expert visit. Nice enough individual but not knowledgable. His BT issued laptop couldn’t do any better using ookla and trying different servers. 

In summary the conclusion was buy a 3rd party router. My earlier attempt at this proved unsuccessful, perhaps a higher spec and more time setting it up. 

I do wonder what the ofcom view would be of BT selling a fibre package with hardware that isn’t capable of distributing it effectively. 


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