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Full Fibre 900 - restricted upload speed

Hi there,


I have full fibre 900. I recently received a new smarthub 2 to replace my previous smarthub (long story) and the upload limit is stuck at 50mb. Was at 110mb on the previous one. Did a factory reset which worked, but had to do another factory reset due to an issue with my 2 discs and now I am back at 50mb. I have tried the factory reset on the SH2 several times again since but o joy, still stuck at 50mb. Please could soeone help.

Also on a separate note I have Sky Q which is having no end of issues since I joined BT a couple of months ago. Constantly losing connection to the SH2. I changed the SH2 5ghz channel to 48 and the 2.4ghz channel to 1, but the problems were still persisting. Smart setup is obviously turned off as well. I was therefore trying what seems to be the next common step which is to switch the SH2 mode to mode 2 from mode 1. However, the discs do not seem to connect to the SH2 when it is on mode 2 (same with mode 3), hence why I was doing another factory reset to the SH2 as well as the discs. I've still had no joy though. Is there a known issue with connecting the discs to the SH2 on all modes other than mode 1? Also any tips for how I can get a steady connection over wifi with Sky Q. I have spent hours trying to get everything stable, so far I have managed 24 hours max before it all drops out. So painful and such a waste of my time!

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Re: Full Fibre 900 - restricted upload speed

Went to bed at 2am last night after trying various things to get Sky Q and BT full fibre stable. Seemed to all be working went I went to bed. Woke up this morning and the Sky Q box and minis are showing no internet connection again. Still couldn’t get the discs to connect to the SH2 on mode 2 or mode 3 last night, so had to stay on mode 1 with 2.4ghz fixed on channel 11 and 5ghz fixed on 48. Sky Q 5ghz is fixed on channel 36. 

Everything worked well connectivity wise with Sky Q when I was on Sky broadband but they could only provide 3.5mb download and 0.6mb upload, so had to move to BT now I’m working from home full time. sadly BT/Openreach won’t give Sky access to the FTTP offering in our village, so have no other options. Had nothing but issues since I joined. 😔

Also upload speed is still capped at 50mb.  😔


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Re: Full Fibre 900 - restricted upload speed

You are incorrect, Sky have never been barred from access to Openreach FTTP, they for their own ( presumably commercial reasons )  chose not to offer it to their customers.


Reading another post on this forum , anecdotally, it seems if you switch provider from Sky to someone else , the way your Sky Q is set up needs changing, so rather than faffing about , and complaining about the BT supplied kit, it’s the Sky kit you need to alter settings in.

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Re: Full Fibre 900 - restricted upload speed

Thanks. I have been told that Sky do have access to FTTP in our village. You have to speak to a special team in Sky.  It even shows as being the case on their website for our address but BT have taken all the ports so Sky currently can’t provide FTTP to my house. Regardless though, that is something that can’t be changed and sadly my issues still remain around discs connecting only in mode 1, Sky Q losing connection to SH2 and upload throttled to 50mb. Any help around those points would be much appreciated. Thanks 

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Re: Full Fibre 900 - restricted upload speed

If you could elaborate on the changes you mentioned or share a link to where you have read that, that would be really helpful, thanks.
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Re: Full Fibre 900 - restricted upload speed

There is no such allocation of ‘ports’ on any Openreach network , be it , ADSL,, although that’s not OR, VDSL ( FTTC) or FTTP, all ‘ports’ are available to all providers that want to consume that product,.....if you want to use Sky you can always migrate away from BT, if you can get hold of the correct people in Sky, obviously you would pay early termination charges to far as the post with the Sky Q references, search is your friend or perhaps another board contributor will link this post to that one,  it was a regular board contributor that provided the Sky Q info, perhaps they will contribute here.

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Re: Full Fibre 900 - restricted upload speed

This is why I hate forums. So called Experts being snarky. I came on for some help and instead get pointless comments with no help at all. Rather than trying to act superior and put people in their place you could just be a decent helpful human being. I’m clearly having issues that are BT related as well; discs not connecting the SH2 outside of mode 1 and upload throttled to 50mb, neither of which are Sky q issues. You could also just share the link to the article that explains the changes you need to make to Sky Q.

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Re: Full Fibre 900 - restricted upload speed

Please keep it friendly guys.



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Re: Full Fibre 900 - restricted upload speed

If I had the wherewithal to link this post to that one I would have, It was the next post I read, otherwise I wouldn’t have even returned to this one....sorry you feel I’m snarky, I get the feeling you would prefer to have stayed with Sky ( your choice ) but you make false claims , they are bound to be countered.
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Re: Full Fibre 900 - restricted upload speed

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