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Full Fibre Confusion


Hello I have just ordered full fibre at the 500 down option to upgrade from the 73 download option. The operator did not seem to know to much about it other than it would be faster. Anyway I asked if there was any new cabling needed to the house and if the engineer would need to come inside. She said that the engineer probably would not need to come inside and that an engineer would not normally even have to come to the house.

The house is around ten years old and would not I believe have full fibre cabling to the house. Is full fibre full fibre to the house or just to the street. I live very close to the fibre cabinet around 20 metres. 

Also do you lose your conventional phone line if you have full fibre ? The operator said she did not think so. 

Thanks in advance..

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Re: Full Fibre Confusion

can you enter your phone number and post results  remember delete number

Full fibre will have an ONT in your home like this  

ONT fttp_small_ont_2019.jpg

you probably have FTTC - fibre to street cab and then copper line from cabinet to your home

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Re: Full Fibre Confusion

Hi There

I had and email a few days ago from openreach to say that are area is now ultrafast FTTP and to phone your ISP to upgrade.

Phoned BT and they said you can upgrade to full fibre 100, 300, 500 or 900. I chose 500 for now as it is a big upgrade from the already reasonable 75 Mbps I currently get, which was the MAX available in my area.

There is no box in the house like your image. The staff at BT were not that helpful when I phoned e.g. a engineer may need to come and may not, might need to fiddle with a few leads outside.

Starting to get a little worried if any installation costs are going to be added to my bill now as the confirmation email does not state that.

Also will conventional phone line type phones still work after the change over, again sales lady said you will still have a phone number and did not seem to really grasp what I was asking. 


Thanks Again..

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Re: Full Fibre Confusion

There are no install costs for FTTP. An engineer is needed for the install. Start thinking about where you want the ONT (Box) @imjolly  posted a pic of. It needs to be wall mounted.

If you are worried about the order give the FTTP team a ring. 0800 587 4787

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Re: Full Fibre Confusion

Thanks for the reply.

Not worried thanks just was a little confused and the sales did not seem really to know the answer to a couple of questions I had.

The only real worry I have is I have recently purchased a quite expensive home phone system. It consists of a conference style main phone and five cordless handsets. 

Someone as informed me that conventional phones may not work on FTTP. Not really bothered as I will just sell them some where. 

The main thing is the kids will be happy with a massive increase in speed. 


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Re: Full Fibre Confusion

You may still remain on copper for your phone at least for a while.

According to a BT spokesman " FTTP to brownfield (not new build homes) is in the process of a phased launch, meaning that not all customers contacting BT will receive the new Digital Voice service as an option."

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