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Full fibre 900 and BT 1GB mini connectors

Hi all,

Upgraded to 900 package and after a bit of work at my end all good. Had to factory reset smart hub 2, mini connectors and the ONT.

My issue now is I can get full speed IF I connect computers directly to ports on hub, but when connected via the 1Gb powerline adapters I'm only getting around 130Mbps.

I guess I'm trying to find out is that all I'm going to get through the powerlines or should I be getting more.

The house was rewired about 17 years ago, so not ancient, and uses the same type of cables available today. 

I know that's a bit of an open ended question, but any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Full fibre 900 and BT 1GB mini connectors

You won’t get gigabit speeds through powerline adapters, there’s too much noise and interference. Power cables weren’t meant to carry data, powerline adapters are nothing more than a hack really. If you have coaxial wired in rooms then you’ll get much better speeds with coaxial adapters but they’re a lot more expensive. The ratings are only theoretical speeds. If you want gigabit with no issues then you have to run Ethernet.

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Re: Full fibre 900 and BT 1GB mini connectors

Agreed with what has been said, powerline adaptors are far from ideal and IMO should only be used if nothing else can be.  In your case why not invest in the BT Whole Home system, i know on the original Whole Home system you can plug devices in to the ethernet port on the back of the disc if you need to plug in via a LAN/RJ45, for example a PC.  Not sure about the new 'Mini' system though, they do have RJ45 ports on each disc so fairly sure you can plug a device into it.  Sure someone on here can confirm?

The mini system is at a really good price at the moment IMO for 3 discs.

Ps, I had powerline adaptors, BT 1000 ones and I get 500meg out of them on brand new wiring, on older wiring installed approx 2002/3 I got approx 150meg, plus interference was a real menace at times randomly, i could never pinpoint it.

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Re: Full fibre 900 and BT 1GB mini connectors

Ended up running external cat6 cable to faceplates.

Glad I done it!