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Galaxy Z Flip and BT Mobile wifi calling

Hi - thinking of moving from Vodafone to BT Mobile (better rates given I have BT landline, broadband, etc); I have a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (good phone) unlocked (purchased independently from Samsung direct).

Anyone know if Wi-Fi calling will work on the device and BT Mobile? Wi-Fi calling does work on Vodafone.

Wanted to check before moving over as I live in a rural blackspot, so WiFi calling is important for me.

Many thanks

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Re: Galaxy Z Flip and BT Mobile wifi calling

I'd be delighted if you get a sensible answer. I'm in a very similar position except my phone is a Samsung A70 (fine on Vodafone). Sadly BT don't want to give any clear answer or update their list of phones supported. One thing suggested to me was to get a SIM from BT, check it out and then if ok transfer the number and if not ok return it within 30 days.

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Re: Galaxy Z Flip and BT Mobile wifi calling

Thanks - that's a good idea.

Will post an update to state yes or no when I've tried it out, in the hope it helps others.

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Re: Galaxy Z Flip and BT Mobile wifi calling

If EE sell the phone on their website it will work with BT Wi-fi calling (VoWi-Fi) and Voice Over LTE/4G (VoLTE).

Newer android phones come with universal settings for the above. My Note 10 came from Vodafone and is running their ROM/Tweaked version of Android and I have access to VoLTE and VoWi-Fi.

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