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HD channels keep dropping off

Hi, my HD channels keep dropping, all the others are fine. Sometimes they will come back after a retune, otherwise have to leave it a few days and then try again. Its really annoying as don't want to set any recordings on HD incase it has a wobble. Has been doing this for some months now. Can see a previous post where bug was meant to be fixed? 

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Re: HD channels keep dropping off

Hi. Not sure if this helps but thought I would post it anyway. It does tell me that all modern TV’s and boxes are susceptible to interference. The spitter before the TV and or you BT box may solve the issue. 

I replaced replaced a very old Labgear distribution amp. With UHF and VHF inputs. Initially I found that both TV and the BT Box (on HD channels only) signal were dropping out in a cycle of about two seconds. All other Channels apart from HD were good. Because I had changed the Ariel at the same time (which was originally faulty) I called the Ariel person back. He naturally blamed the new distribution amp. After I tried lots of different things I found the issue. Disconnecting the VHF feed into the new distribution amp fix the problem. It was the same with a new Labgear amp! So I purchased a TV/VHF splitter so that VHF was filtered before going into TV and BT Box. All was fixed!! The Ariel person had not seen this issue before so be aware. This is a good product and recommended.

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Re: HD channels keep dropping off


Does my message 9 in this thread  help at all?

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