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Re: Having real speed problems on Wifi. Is it my devices?


Android version 6 operating system here. Galaxy S5

On your Samsung Galaxy Mobile go to Settings > Wi-Fi, and check the Wi-Fi listings.
This list can be set to display in order of strength, and may give you more of a clue as to what is going on.
You can check actual connected strength with the Network analyser app on the phone. But you can't read the signal strength of those channels listed.
e.g., neighbour's Wi-Fi, range extenders etc.

The hidden network which you refer to relates a range extender, or even a BT Black disc in your range. I'm too not clued up with range extenders or mesh systems , and only use a single "BT WI-Fi Complete" black disc (with good results).

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Re: Having real speed problems on Wifi. Is it my devices?

Hi @Ribblelancs  i think we are near I’m in longridge.


I just  got the new FTTP 900- same everything in house as imhad with the old home hub 2 on the FTTC connection, whole home WiFi disks etc only thing different is the fibre to the premises  and the router.


BT says I’m getting 750min to the router but my WiFi speeds are 100 or 80 download more than 10 ft away from router. Firmware still in the version 15.0000 and the router last updated line says “undefined” from what I have seen on many forums this home hub 2 and FTTP seems to have issues with the WiFi speeds, as my last home hub 2 worked fine with the slower speed of FTTC.


can anyone help me? do need to re boot router to get it to update or will it just happen?  I’m well miffed would have been more stable and averaged better speeds keeping things as they were 

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Re: Having real speed problems on Wifi. Is it my devices?

Firmware is automatic update and resetting will not speed up a firmware update. Just need to leave hub connected 24/7

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