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High Latency

Hi, I've been getting unusually high latency, it doesn't spike it just sits at 26+ which isn't the standard at least not from my previous experience with other ISPs and talking to friends. It's especially weird since I've just moved house 90 miles away and seem to have the exact same ping as the old property in the new one which has just had a brand new phone line put in by an engineer. Any time I speak to people on the phone about interleaving or ping they just draw a blank and don't offer any assistance for a long time now even though BT boasts about its low latency network. 

Any help is appreciated and I'll do my best to provide any details upon request, Thanks.

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Re: High Latency

Hi @Niall119,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the Community.

A ping of 26ms would be considered a good ping. The British ESports association says a ping of around the 40ms-60ms mark or lower is acceptable. You can find some useful information from their website here - Ping, latency and lag: What you need to know 

How are you connected? If you are wireless have you tried a wired connection to see if this helps reduce your Ping?



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Re: High Latency

I used to get 9 when my line at the older house was first put in then it sky rocketed, considering I got less with Virgin I wouldn't class it as good ping primarily use the BT for gaming etc and you can notice a difference. I have only direct ethernet connection and its the single device connected to it.

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Re: High Latency

I should also clarify 26 ping is being seen on speedtests and if I cmd prompt ping google for example, not in games otherwise 26 ping would be considered very good, I might have misread your point first time around sorry.
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Re: High Latency

26 ping to a speedtest server is not good, years ago when i had around 20-30 ping on speedtests when i had BT VDSL an engineer/BT customer services would be able to reset my line and remove interleaving from the line to give me a ping more around 10, and the same again when i had adsl, pings of 20+ were only when interleaving was enabled and when removed it went down to around 8

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Re: High Latency

Yes exactly but I've had no luck when dealing with technical support over the phone, every time I mentioned anything to do with line  settings etc they would point blank ignore me or say its not possible even though people I spoke to would suggest I ask them about these topics. 

I had a lower ping at my older address and it spiked up to 26 shortly before I moved houses and its somehow followed me to an entirely new property across the country, on a brand new phone line. 

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Re: High Latency

Tricky one to answer as while that is not the best base ping your next issue when playing is the server that is chosen.
I’m around 7 to 9 on a test however with a BT router there’s no control to what server you connect too so for a COD or similar game you could end up on a server that’s not great connectivity wise.
To combat that you would need to look at a third party router, something along the lines of the Netgear XR series routers running Duma where you can if supported choose the server and deny other servers.
Are you using the same equipment as your old property?

Theres also QoS but PingPlotter is a good tool to see what’s going on. That way you can monitor the line to see how it’s performing and again some third party routers can help to keep the traffic under control using QoS.

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Re: High Latency

BT Router tests give me 22 now since I had an engineer come round and turn off my interleaving and put me on a fast path profile, my setup is identical to my old address and the only thing on connected on BT at either house was my PC via ethernet and both times its been less than the distance of a full room away. Unsure if there is anything else they can do to reduce my ping everyone else I speak to no matter where they are from always get about an average of 10 and some with Full Fibre obviously achieving lower like 3-5 ping.
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Re: High Latency

While it’s not as low as others it should be fine. I use to happily play on a base ping of 25ms a few years back.

the trouble is your base ping is only part of the issue, when gaming depending on the game it could put you on a server that’s not great which is why some companies offer services or router based tech to help those looking at achieving a better connection to the servers.

Ive never used the BT routers, I’ve always used a separate modem and modems can create issues. I recently tried the Vigor 166 as did a friend and it caused no end of issues for us both, his base ping shot up due to errors. I’m using a old but faithful HG612 that matches my cabinet. Might be something to consider, Kitz is a forum where they are good on modems and you might benefit looking at that.

It just depends on what you want and how far you want to go trying out different methods to see if you can solve the issue. 


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Re: High Latency

Depends on your game choice I guess, I've played on base ping of 10-15 and comparing it to 25-30 its a world of difference. There is no difference in the technology being used I've always used BTs equipment they sent me, only difference has been locations or line settings. Thankfully someone finally come round and turned off my interleaving and even the engineers admit 25 ping is not remote quick in this day and age, BT plaster their low latency gaming experience and are known to be a lower ping ISP but I've had lower on Virgin who are notorious for having a higher base ping.

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