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Home Network help

Hi there, first of all  I dont have much of an idea when it comes to all things network so I apologise for not understanding a lot of the 'lingo' around here. I am trying to learn up on some stuff but it seems neverending.

Anyway, we have the BT Home Hub 6 and after we had various issues with wifi dropping out on some devices and not reaching a couple of areas in the house I decided to purchase a Mesh kit, the Deco M5 with 3 discs. This seemed to solve the issues we had before although my younger son did have problems with a 'double-nas' issue on his Xbox. I did look into this on the web and found that my adding a port forwarding configuration on the HH6 to the Deco it would solve this. I believe it has happened once since then but this has been approx 6-7 weeks so no problem.

My question (and sorry for the detailed description prior) is my eldest son would like to add a VPN onto the system (he is a big gamer and says he would prefer to keep his IP address out of sight) but reading up on this I'm not sure how easy this would be due to a) the HH6 not allowing this and b) the Deco system not being compatible. Not great, eh?

Is it a question of getting a replacement router for the HH6 that will allow a VPN, and would the Deco system work ok with that? If yes, can anyone recommend a suitable router for that? Or is it a little more complicated than that? I have also read that some routers are capable of VPN Tunnelling but I'm not sure is this the same as just VPN.


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