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Home hub

I have a home hub coming as I need a dual band one to connect to my smart appliances because the home hub 2 only gives out 5ghz . Will my smart devices connect to it automatically like they did with my previous providers router or will I have to go into the routers settings to change it to 2.5 ghz so I can connect my devices, I’m hoping I don’t have to go into the settings as I’m not all that tec minded but I do try if I have to is it easy to change , any help would be appreciated 

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Re: Home hub

No your smart devices will not connect automatically as the replacement hub would have a different SSID and wireless password. 

The best way would be to change the SSID and password of new hub and make it the same as the old one. 

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Re: Home hub

Hi as I am not tec minded I do try , I know the new router will be different to set up what I meant when I connected a smart device like a smart plug to my other providers router all I had to do was enter the router password in the settings of the device I was setting up and I did not need to touch the router settings. So does the Bt home hub do the same and put out a 2.5 ghz frequency or do I have to go into the routers settings to change it to put out 2.5 , I’m not that good explaining sorry 

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Re: Home hub


The BT Smart Hubs transmit both 2.5GHz and 5GHz, so you can connect any device.

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Re: Home hub

Thank you 

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