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Home move question?

Going through the process online the confirmation confirms cancellation of services at current address & activation of services at new address before completing etc.  So would the service cancel at current address now, as in today or on the change over date to the new address?.

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Re: Home move question?

Also to add to the above, going through the process it confirms a line (inactive) has been found and its ready to activate and should take up to 5 working days, no installation or call out required etc, not to bad I thought. Only after completion of the home move process they set the date as 15th August as the earliest possible date!!!!. So how on earth does a found line just awaiting activation with no installation required taking up to 5 working days now change to a little over 2 weeks?. We are moving this Saturday as I can't get any time off work to delay moving as this is the end of my annual leave. But surely it can't take a little over 2 weeks when there is a confirmed ready to activate line at the new address?.
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Re: Home move question?

like many things it is not the time it takes openreach to activate your line it is the queue of people before you waiting for openreach engineer that causes the delay

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Re: Home move question?

Imjolly, I kind of get that to a point, but as I at at !east 1 other member have discovered the online process does seem broken as it doesn't process the order request to the point where it confirms everything so maybe some info being fed is also broken?.

I mean, on 1 page it says they have found a line and its easy to activate the services, normally within 5 days, yet 2 pages later gives a 2 week delay and info that makes me think its ordering a full install. Going to have to call BT as after 4 separate attempts online clearly the home move process online is broken!.
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Re: Home move question?

5 days will be for a line only service, in your Other Thread you indicated you have FTTC, which means an engineer is required for work at the exchange and PCP (green cabinet), that's why the order will take longer to complete.

If any neighbours have BT, then you should be able to connect to the BT Wi-Fi network, it's part of your subscription with unlimited usage, It most likely won't be good for streaming but general browsing and checking emails should be ok.

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