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HomeHub 6 issues ..Considering alternatives

I have issues with The HH6.Had replacement but same issues.Not connecting to  some legacy 2.4 ghz devices inc PS4 (PS4 PRO OK) and the infamous 14 day reboot.BT support said not aware of the 14 day reboot issue which i find hard to believe..especially as there are numerous posts on this forum about this issue and could only offer a refresh to help with the 2.4ghz issue which did not help.I am considering using non BT router.I am 94 metres from a  Combined PCP & FTTC Cabinet which i understand is Huawei and which i have confirmed i am connected to.. so do i ensure the openreach modem i get from ebay is the Huawei EchoLife HG612 to ensure compatibility? Over half the internet use in my household is gaming so any recommendations for suitable replacement equipment modem /router to dump the HH6 most welcome.

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Re: HomeHub 6 issues ..Considering alternatives

The Openreach modems are getting a bit long in the tooth now, you might as well get a new combined VDSL modem/router. Choice is up to you, price is pretty much relative to wifi speed so unless you have a need for high speed wifi on your LAN for streaming from a NAS etc, then the governing speed will be your broadband connection. TP Link devices are popular and simple to set up. Unless they have changed recently, Netgear devices don't work with  BT's implementation of IPv6.

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Re: HomeHub 6 issues ..Considering alternatives


TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Dual Band VDSL/ADSL about £67

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Re: HomeHub 6 issues ..Considering alternatives

I average about 50 Mbps download,7 Mbps upload.I was considering the TPLink VR2800 but TP Link support confirmed it does not support G.inp/ G.Fast but to be honest I have no idea how that would affect me in real terms. I was pleased with the fast and detailed support from TP Link.Very limited choice when looking at combined units although i do like the idea of a neat not too large all in one solution as going in my small hallway.

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