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How To Speed Up Wifi Connection In My Room?

Hey guys, I'm having a bit of a problem lately getting the best out of my WiFi connection in my house. I used to have the router in my room which gave a great signal obviously because my computer was right next to it, but the problem was that downstairs wasn't getting a good connection at all and I was forced to bring my router down stairs which means now the tables have turned, my room is not getting a good signal now. 

Unfortunately there is only 2 phone connections in my household, one in my room and the one downstairs so I can't really set the router anywhere else in between. I tried using a wireless extender, I have a wireless extender 1200, but not really doing much good... tried both 5 and 2.4GHZ but the speed is just mediocre at best.

Anyone got any good ideas on how I can make the connection equal in the household so we can all get around the same speed. I hope there is a solution that someone may know. Thanks!

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Re: How To Speed Up Wifi Connection In My Room?

You could consider the BT Whole Home Wifi mesh system  or Complete Wifi or simply use a wifi hotspot powerline extender.  TP Link have a good range of devices


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Re: How To Speed Up Wifi Connection In My Room?

Wireless extenders are only any good if you have them placed where there is a good signal otherwise it's rubbish in rubbish out.

You could consider wireless powerline adaptors where you plug the master in near to your router and connect to it by Ethernet cable and the other adaptor in the room where you want the signal and you can connect to it by either wireless or an Ethernet cable. You will not get the same speeds as a direct connection to the router but it may be better than a wireless extender or you could splash out and buy a proper wireless mesh system.

You could "upgrade" to the BT Halo system. See link

  All new BT Halo | The UK’s first unbreakable wi-fi | BT

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