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How do I order discs?????

I need discs but the website does not allow it, nor does the app, the phones are unreachable, chat is not available and previous versions of this question have no reply. What on earth is going on???? I’m new to BT and I keep finding guff that tells me I can get discs to cover the whole house, but in practice after two days trying I can’t! The lack of replies makes it seem deliberate. What is going on???

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Re: How do I order discs?????

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Re: How do I order discs?????

If you have complete wifi then you need to phone customer services 150 or 0800800150 from mobile 

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Re: How do I order discs?????

Thanks for replying. Yes, but I understood they are supposed to be included with my package (guaranteed good signal in the whole house, which I haven’t got) not a paid for extra? Or did I misunderstand the guarantee?  I will get through by phone eventually I guess.... Thanks

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Re: How do I order discs?????

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been trying to get through but after two long waits I was hoping there might be an easy way to order them, e.g. via chat or the website or by email. However the system has been carefully designed to make that difficult so I guess I’ll just have to wait on the phone until they realise I actually want what is promised as part of the package 🤷

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