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How to get back old land phone number

I recently join BT for land phone and fibre optic broadband. Previously I had  John Lewis broad band and land phone.My old land phone number originally belongs to BT.Now I  got new land phone number. My old phone number not active any more. I am living in my current address for last 10 years and I had my old number for last 10 years as well. 

As I had my old number for last 10 years , I am keen to get back my old number.

Any advise will be appreciated regarding old number back.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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Re: How to get back old land phone number

did you not ask to keep number when you moved from John Lewis to BT?

you can try phoning CS 150 and as for renumber to old number and see if possible - there will be a charge

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Re: How to get back old land phone number

Thanks for your advise.

My old number is not active any more. When I joined to BT last months they told me that as my number is inactive - no one will be able to use it for next 14 days. After 14 days , I need to call back and if no one pick up this number then they will be able to do it . When I called after 14 days , one customer service agent told me it is not possible as I moved to digital voice service.

I have received two types of message and contradict each other .

So want know what is the right answer?

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Lost land phone number


I moved to BT from John Lewis. But I lost my land phone number during broad band switch. My number was with me for last 8 years. My old number no more active. It was originally BT number.Now I have been given a new number. I lives in at the same address for 8 years. I like to get back my old number . Need advise how to get back my old number.Thanks.

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Re: Lost land phone number


If you are currently a BT Retail customer, then you can request a re-number back to your original BT Retail number. There is a small charge for this.


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