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How to reinstate deleted email address

My son has tried to play some games he hadn’t played in a while, to find that he no longer remembers the passwords. He is unable to change the password as the email address has been deleted.  These are paid for games, so would loose money and progress within the game, if he just created a new account.

It is no longer on our list of email addresses. I thought I would be clever and create a new email address, but it’s stating that the address is already in use. I’m not sure if it’s still “linked” to him, or whether it would have been released to be used by someone else already. 

Is there any way of checking this, and if possible reinstating the email address please?

Thank you for reading. 

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Re: How to reinstate deleted email address

If an email address is deleted by BT it is not able to be reinstated and it is never reissued to be re-used.

When you try to re-set up a deleted email address it gives the message that it is already in use because technically it is, as in it is a used email address and is therefore not available.

Your son needs to get in touch with the games company and explain what has happened and seek their assistance in gaining access to the games he paid for.

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