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Re: How to use TP link M5 with the BT smart hub 2

@dave44 Thanks for replying. Seeing your screenshot and your reply, I thought my version of the app must be out of date. So I followed your link , on my iPhone, and downloaded the current one.

But it is just the same! I just see 'Let's begin' followed by modem instructions. No ' Advanced'. I tried 'router mode' in the help, but I couldn't get detailed instructions, though it did refer to router mode.

I'd be glad to receive any ideas you might have, but if I can't get he information from somewhere, I'll just have to give up...
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Re: How to use TP link M5 with the BT smart hub 2

@jwheater I can’t remember how the setup went as it’s been a while since I set it up, but you probably have to go through the set up wizard to get it out the way (and router mode is the default) then once this is done go back and change the settings manually.

Don’t give up, I don’t remember it being that complicated.

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