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Hybrid Connect Compatible Question


I'm debating upgrading my package to get the hybrid connect but I'm wondering if it'll be compatible with my set up. 

I currently have the phone line connected to my smart hub 2 as it should be. But i have the wifi disabled on the hub and currently use it as a modem.

From the smart hub 2 I have a separate router/booster connected via ethernet cable that handles my WiFi. (Netgear Nightwawk S6 Smart Wifi Router)

If I connect the hybrid modem to my smart hub 2 will I still get a connection to my devices if my Internet goes down as none of my stuff is connected via wifi directly to the smart hub. 

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Re: Hybrid Connect Compatible Question

Hi @Anster95   Yes it will still work. The Ethernet ports on your SH2 will use the 4G modem (hybrid connect).

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Re: Hybrid Connect Compatible Question

@Anster95  First of all, sorry to be a pedant, but you don't have the hub in modem only mode, it doesn't have one. You have it as a modem/router with DHCP and Wifi turned off which is not the same as a bridge. The hub will still be routing and natting.

However, having said that, this will work in your favour as the Hybrid device connects to the WAN side of your hub so anything downstream will still work as if your hub was connected to line. The only thing I am not certain of is whether the 4G modem connects to the hub via a discrete wifi channel or uses the normal wifi channels. I suspect it is the former.