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IPC6023 error on all live streaming channels

Hi All,

I am currently not able to view any live streaming channels through my BT TV box as I am receiving  a IPC6023 error. I have had BT TV for at least 5 years without any issues.

This is affecting all BT Sport channels, SD, HD and BT Ultimate.

I have restarted my router and performed a factory reset of my BT TV box with no success.

My connection speed is fine 55Mbps 10Mbps and speed tests are normal.

I can view BT catch up fine i.e. watch last night's football game and apps on the BT box such as Now TV all work fine. The box is successfully connected to the hub and internet.

I have a second BT TV mini box which I have tested and that too has the same issue (I had to make it the main box first).

I have a spare BT Smart Hub 2 so tried that and still same issue.

I have checked all cables and tried spare ethernet cables and no difference.

I have plugged BT Box directly into hub and still same problem. I am not using any Powerline adapters etc, all connections are wired.

I have literally ruled everything out other than a fault at BT's end.

Any ideas? 

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Re: IPC6023 error on all live streaming channels

Agreed @corh5 - it sounds like you've already done everything you can, and it's probably a fault on your line.

Your best option would be to check current service status in your area, and contact the helpdesk if there are no known issues: Fix BT TV | BT Help