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Incredibly slow upload speed

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I'm working from my parent's house for a couple of weeks, dog sitting while they're away, and everything is great - nice walks, friendly neighbours - except the broadband 😞 It's copper, which is to be expected and the download speed isn't terrible but I haven't seen upload speeds like this since the 90s.

They've got a BT Hub with an EE Hybrid Connect (which is pointless as you only get mobile phone reception outdoors here) and it's syncing at a reported 14Mbps down and 446Kbps up. A speed test reports 10Mbps down and 0.26Mbps up. As a software engineer who has quite a few Teams meetings it's really frustrating.

If anyone has any advice about what I could do to improve the situation I'd be really grateful 🙂

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Re: Incredibly slow upload speed

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Comedy post deletion. Thanks for all your help.
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