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Internet Disconnecting at Certain Times

Hello, I'm not sure if someone can assist here. Everynight approx around 10pm the internet turns off.

Now at first i thought maybe it was my PS4.  My router page showed it had been active for 13 hours. As soon as i turned my PlayStation on my internet disconnected 3minutes later, this was at  7pm however i then reconnected and it worked perfectly fine for 3 hours. As soon as 10:30 came it disconnected and this has been happening everynight for over a month.  7 Engineers and no fault found....  However I feel like it was the PlayStation at  first as it disconnected 3 minutes after turning it on but then was okay for 3 hours.. So then im confused if it was that or not. Sometimes ive then turned the PS4 off because it disconnected all the time and went downstairs to watch netflix and was experiencing the same issue.  So I've checked if anything comes on at this time and it doesn't no timers no nothing.  But its every night past 10pm and it goes on and off every 5 minutes.  I've attached a log of what my router shows 


I've had to upload this because it's too big to post

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Re: Internet Disconnecting at Certain Times

certainly sounds like it is something internal in your home - central heating switching on or off causing arcing?

do you use powerline adapters?

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Re: Internet Disconnecting at Certain Times

Hi. No central heating nothing I’ve already checked all that.

I use the BT POWERLINE adapters and they’ve been amazing from day one. I tried without the adapters and it still happens sadly
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