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Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Hi Everyone,

I am very excited to let you all know about a new addition to BT Plus.  From today BT will now be offering Complete Wi-Fi, which comes with a complete Wi-Fi guarantee and our latest generation of Smart Hub.

Complete Wi-Fi at a glance

New devices - When you take Complete Wi-Fi, we give you a Wi-Fi Disc and our new next generation Smart Hub.

Seamless wall-to-wall coverage - Our Wi-Fi Discs talk to the Smart Hub to create a single seamless, powerful Wi-Fi network from the basement to the attic.

Faster speeds - Not only will you get wall-to-wall coverage, you’ll also get faster Wi-Fi speeds. So you should be able to stream HD content anywhere in your home. A four-bedroom house can see broadband speeds increase by up to 25 per cent, with just one Wi-Fi Disc.

Wi-Fi manager - Our app is clever stuff. It helps you manage your Wi-Fi network to make sure you’re getting the strongest signal around your home. It’ll even work out where to put your Wi-Fi Disc, and check the strength of your Wi-Fi signal in every room.

Personal service - With new video call and Wi-Fi diagnostic tools we can provide brilliant solutions for our customers with Wi-Fi issues.

 How does Complete Wi-Fi work?

Unlike the Wi-Fi extenders you can buy, our Wi-Fi Disc works with the new Smart Hub to set up a single, smart network in your home. Your devices will connect to the hub or disc with the strongest signal. This includes laptops, phones, tablets, smart speakers and smart TVs. How smart is that?

How does the guarantee work?

When you take Complete Wi-Fi, you’ll get our next generation Smart Hub and one Wi-Fi Disc. This is enough to fill most homes with Wi-Fi but if you don’t get a signal in every room, we’ll send you up to two extra discs free of charge. And in the unlikely event three discs aren’t enough to provide strong signal in every room, you can get £20 back. It’s a bold promise. And remember, our guarantee doesn’t cover garden offices, sheds or any buildings outside the home.

What does it cost?

Complete Wi-Fi is only available with BT Plus. If you’re a Plus customer, you can get Complete Wi-Fi for just £5 more a month. Not a Plus customer? We’ve got personalised offers for our existing broadband customers which means you can upgrade to Plus with Complete Wi-Fi and not pay more than new customers. New customers can get Plus with Complete Wi-Fi for £59.99 a month.

To find out more or to place an order for this exciting new promotion please visit, Complete Wi-Fi

What does everyone think? 

We are very keen on your feedback and if you have any questions that are not covered in our FAQ section please post here and we will try and get you the answers for you



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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Does the new Smart Hub 2 have a guest network facility?

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

No, it doesn't.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

As it comes with  BT Broadband - you can use your BT Wi-Fi hotspot at home for your guests to get online.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

@LukeBuxton or @SeanD With this system, does the disc need to be connected via ethernet to the SmartHub, in the way that one disk has to with Whole Home WiFi, or does it connect to the hub via wifi and can therefore be located anywhere appropriate in the home? Thank you. 

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

So, in terms of costs it is £5 pm extra. Over 18 months that £90 and if you cancel you have to return the discs to BT? So you are renting the discs?

Secondly, if four discs won’t give you complete Wi-fi in your home you get back £20. Do you still pay the extra £5 pm as you will be in contract?


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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

I have a few queries about this. How will the new "Complete Home" kits compare to the whole home kits? Are they the same? Will support for our paid kits be dropped in favour of these new free kits? Any plans on refunding those of us that had to spend time and money trying to fix the inadequacies of the Smart Hub, now that BT is giving seemingly the same products away for free? We had to purchase two kits (six whole home hubs) to achieve consistent signal throughout our house (strange layout and thick walls), at considerable cost.
Will BT offer to replace our disks with the newer versions, of the newer ones are less faulty products? (Despite all the firmware updates we still find our connection or random disks will drop out fairly often)

Also, as the smart hub 2 integrates into the mesh, will the old smart hub 1 start doing this to? I find it daft I need a whole home WiFi disk next to my smart hub, which has its wireless turned off, to start the mesh system.
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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT



No - you don't need to connect a disc to your Smart Hub 2.


Once you sign-up to Complete Wi-Fi - we'll send you a new Smart Hub 2 and Wi-Fi Disc.


The Smart Hub 2 works as your hub, and like the first disc of a whole home wi-fi solution.  But, even better, as it's got highly optimised wi-fi to go further.

You then place the Wi-FI Disc that we sent with the Smart Hub 2 in an optimal location to get even better wi-fi coverage.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Hi Stew


It's better than that.


You're not renting the discs - they're part of a service.

Firstly - we'll send you a New Smart Hub 2 and 1 Wi-Fi disc.  We'll then make sure that you've got wi-fi in every room. 

If you aren't experiencing it you can get in touch and we'll send extra Wi-Fi Discs at no extra cost to make sure Wi-Fi is in every room.

We've been trialling it for a number of months and so far we've managed to get wi-fi to every room of every house we've trialled it with and we tested in homes that definately had black spots.

So, in the end, if you've had a Smart Hub 2, up to 3 additional Wi-Fi Discs, customer service with Vidoe Call / or Engineers and you still don't have wi-fi - we'll then give you £20.  But, what we really want to do - is get wi-fi in every room!

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

You're not renting the discs - they're part of a service.

Luke, nicely worded! If you have to return them if you cancel the service, then to me, they are “rented”