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Re: Introducing a UK first - Hybrid Connect

It’s definitely not instant on. It does take 1-3 minutes to kick in
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Re: Introducing a UK first - Hybrid Connect

Might be worth trying to investigate on an all singing all dancing router.

The Draytek Vigor 2927Lac looks like a formidable but expensive product including 4G failover options. I think failover is a lot quicker with the Draytek solution.
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Re: Introducing a UK first - Hybrid Connect

Great product for the benefit of at least allowing many to remain connected to the internet.

However, depending on 4G congestion in your area and the package that you're on, you may find Hybrid Connect to be extremely slow as I understand that the download speed is capped at around 50Mbps.

If BT can uncap the download speed then it would be more helpful for those of us who are on Full Fibre 300, 500 and 910 connections.

Also, beware Digital Voice users, as soon as my Hybrid Connect kicked in (I was showing off to a family member), it totally screwed up my Digital Voice connection when the main broadband reconnected.  Not sure if it is just my set up or a firmware issue.

I would have hoped that Digital Voice would still be activated if the Hybrid Connect took over but sadly not at this stage.

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Re: Introducing a UK first - Hybrid Connect

I love it.  

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Re: Introducing a UK first - Hybrid Connect

@Packetloss So your broadband goes down a few times on a daily basis reading that. Or are you just exaggerating. The latter I think. If it’s that rubbish you’d be looking at another company. 

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Re: Introducing a UK first - Hybrid Connect

@MissBeatty  you are indeed wrong in your assertion.  I don't have the option to choose another provider as they would still use the Openreach network.  I have a special arrangement with BT as they cannot fix the problems. 

On a good note, disabling the WiFi feature on the Smart Hub dispensing with the black Complete WiFi discs and using a Draytek WiFi solution has massively improved the stability of the Smart Hub and the performance of all the devices.

I haven't got round to replacing the Smart hub as the modem yet as I've been too busy, but using an old load balancing draytek router and a 3g/4g USB modem in failover mode I manage to consume around between 16Gb and 73Gb of data during working hours each week, due to being randomly disconnected between 8am and 6pm.  At the moment, this works for me as I get an instant failover onto a 4g services.  I'm typically registering between 4 and 7 disconnections during each working day which is an improvement from where I was 6 months ago, and my expensive workaround gives me peace of mind. 

BT claim that I have too many devices that are either wired or wirelessly connected even though most of the devices do not transmit or receive data externally and they exist on their own switched LAN. 

In fairness to BT, they have compensated me and admitted there's nothing they are willing or able to do. 

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Re: Introducing a UK first - Hybrid Connect

Seems a great Idea, we were with EE until they removed the local mast, so make sure you can get EE First if you get this.


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Re: Introducing a UK first - Hybrid Connect

I've just returned to BT on Fibre 2 FTTC - unfortunately FTTP is not available here yet. We have experienced copper issues on a number of occasions so I thought I'd have a look at Hybrid Connect as we depend quite heavily on our broadband service.

The only option I can find to get it is to add Halo 3+ to my service at an additional cost of £29 per month. Is this really correct as this is about £2 per month less than I am paying for my phone and broadband. It makes considering a second line more appealing at the moment.

Have a I missed an option somewhere?

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Re: Introducing a UK first - Hybrid Connect

This month our broadband part of our bill came to £53.48 for Halo 3+

April’s bill came to £46.48 and then we were on Halo 1

Difference of £7 a month.

hope that helps 

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Re: Introducing a UK first - Hybrid Connect

Thanks, I assume at £46.48 you're on a FTTP product?
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