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Is my BT Home Hub a security risk

I think my PC has been hacked . When I run Home Call on it from Trend it says my Home hub is insecure , how do i secure it ?


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Re: Is my BT Home Hub a security risk

Its probably saying that because it uses HTTP rather than HTTPS for the management page. There are no changes you can make to the hub.

What makes you think your PC has been hacked?

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Re: Is my BT Home Hub a security risk

When I tried a website that i know is valid it brought a page with loads of chinese on it and then the page flashed again giving a 404 error and loads a chinese page. I keep getting messages from AVAST saying they can see my IP. When i access the page from another device it loads correctly

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Re: Is my BT Home Hub a security risk

Avast will tell you that because they are trying to get you to upgrade your Avast product. There is no big issue if your IP address is visible. See link for an explanation.

Have you tried clearing your browser's history and cookies to see if the web page loads OK also have you tried a different browser.

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Re: Is my BT Home Hub a security risk

The IP address will be visible, it always is, you can disguise it by using a VPN and Guess what service Avast offer at a price. Having said that there was once a theoretical security flaw in either the HH5 or HH6 (or maybe both) but this was supposed to have been addressed years ago.

The Chinese characters could be a cause for concern but could also be something simple, I would start by clearing all browser history and cookies, if this doesn't fix it then make sure your AV program is up to date and do a full virus scan

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