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Is there any way to speak to someone at BT with technical knowledge?

After a ridiculous hour and a half long patience-testing chat with a BT customer support representative who contradicted himself and couldn't answer any questions, followed by his manager who "saw what was going on" and "fixed" the issue by (it seems) setting DLM off again on my connection, I tried phoning BT.


That was a rage-inducing phonecall that resulted in a customer service rep saying that he was technical but that no, he didn't know what "routing" was, and asking to escalate to his manager. They were meant to phone back at 3pm, which, of course, they didn't.


I've tried posting on this forum, and got a response, 56 hours ago, and nothing since then despite providing the requested information.


I've tried using twitter and been told that they'll get back to me there, but still haven't heard anything.


Does anyone actually have a port of call that might allow me to talk to someone who I can explain the issue to, who would understand, and then do something about it? This is frustrating beyond belief, and I'm not sure that anyone has actually even started looking into the issue.


I don't have cable available in the area and other ISPs rely on BT/Openreach's hardware (as I understad it) - and I'm pretty sure this is a routing or exchage problem that someone is going to have to actually identify and fix.

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Re: Is there any way to speak to someone at BT with technical knowledge?

from your other recent posts your problem seems very similar to the posts here


you may be better adding your voise to that post where the mods are updating whenver the get updates from wholesale


there is no UK CS number you can phone just the standard number

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Re: Is there any way to speak to someone at BT with technical knowledge?

Got to agree, it would be great to actually speak to someone who understands what you are talking about instead of someone sitting in a call centre reading from a script that just goes round and round in circles and gets you nowhere.

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