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Landline Fault



First time on board so hoping I am doing things correctly.


Wonder if anyone else has had this problem. I have a fault on my landline. BT keep saying that there is no fault and constantly advising of a £129 fine if fault lies within property which is a little intimidating. I brought a brand new corded phone and plugged into the test socket of the master socket and there is no tone, the line is completely dead. Am I right in thinking that if there is no tone then the fault lies beyond the property. Broadband is working fine. Booked an engineer but no one turned up at the property. Got an email stating that the fault has been fixed which it had not. Tried to re-open the fault but the website would not let me. Had to phone and again advised of the £129 fine. I have only been with BT 2 months and I am getting this hassle. Very frustrating.

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Re: Landline Fault

Welcome to this user forum.


Are you on normal BT Broadband, or BT Infinity, as that makes a difference where the fault may be?


Which number matches your master phone socket?
Single master sockets
Filtered master sockets


You will need to connected to BT Broadband to access any links I post which are hosted on my website..
If you are connected to BT Broadband, and you cannot access them, then please let me know on this thread. Thanks.


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Re: Landline Fault

Hi Keith


Thank you for replying.


I have looked this up and it is the NTE5C BT Openreach Master Phone Socket MK4  - VDSL/phone faceplate. I am on BT Infinity 2.



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Re: Landline Fault

If you have tested at the test socket, and your broadband is working at full speed, then there is probably a fault in the exchange, or between the exchange and the cabinet, so you would not be charged.


Do you have any extension sockets, if so, are they correctly wired to the extension terminal point, as show here.

NTE5C terminals for extension wiring


Just trying to make sure its not due to incorrectly wired extension.


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Re: Landline Fault

The extention socket was previously setup by a BT engineer. It does look like an external fault. I have an appointment setup next Tuesday so hopefully will get fixed then.


Thank you for your advice.



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Re: Landline Fault



Please post back after the visit and let us know how the engineer gets on.





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Re: Landline Fault

Just a quick update regarding BT engineer visit.


BT engineer arrived. Confirmed it was not an internal fault and went to exchange. Discovered that the number had not been turned on at the exchange??? The number was switched on and all is ok now. What I am a little puzzled over is why did BT keep insisting that there was no fault at their end. This was a little intimidating because you can easily doubt yourself and wonder if a penalty could be imposed. Anyway all is ok now, I should consider seeking credit for non service.

Thank you all for your help and advice.


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