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Latest email upgrade

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I hope that everyone is safe during the COVID19 Pandemic.

My problem is with the "new" email upgrade in that I, like many others have more than 1 email that I use.

There "seems" to be a SERIOUS lack of videos showing CLEARLY what and HOW the additional emails are to be accessed and this is creating a MAJOR problem.

When I access MY BT  I  am able to access the two emails I use. however email 1 opens with the screen showing a very nice blue screen with a video stating the idea behind the upgrade. This can be removed by clicking on the DO NOT SHOW AGAIN message on the bottom LEFT side or the OK on the bottom RIGHT.  The email messages then appear and can be used as you will.

I then decide to come out of that and click on the email address  (top Right) and press SIGN OFF   ... All working fine.

IF I then want to use email 2 there is NO WAY to ACCESS this from the above screen.

I am required to log in again and access email 2 this way. 


When I access this email, the screen then REVERTS TO THE  BT- YAHOO SETUP. 

BT have said in their videos that we listened to our customers and did certain things.  Among these was the fact that they were no longer using Yahoo. PLUS the fact that it would be easy to access each and every email account that appeared on their front pages.

I have tried to follow the instructions but find that the information is sadly lacking so that an 80 year old cannot follow what is going on.

Each time I think I have found the answer I keep seeing the same pages crop up over and over again. They are caught up in a never ending loop of confusing instructions.

If I look at any pictures that DO appear, they are NOT what I see on my screen. It is extremely CONFUSING.

I HAVE TRIED TO GET THROUGH TO THE PHONE LINES BUT AS MOST PEOPLE ARE SELF ISOLATING BECAUSE OF THE CORONA PANDEMIC  the front line staff are in short supply and are only dealing, understandingly, with URGENT calls from the VULNERABLE.

Would some kind person please look at this problem and help this tired old 80 year old fix his computer SO THAT I CAN MAKE CONTACT EASILY WITH THE ORGANISATIONS WHO CAN HELP MY FAMILY AND I GET FOOD ETC. DELIVERED as we TOO are Self isolating.

Grateful thanks

Kind regards









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Re: Latest email upgrade

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Not all email accounts from the same BT Broadband account are being moved from the BTYahoo email system to the BTMail system at the same time.

If both of your email accounts have not been moved, the drop down box will not show the email account that is still on the other email system.

When all your email accounts are moved onto the same BTMail system they should show in the drop down box.

If you can not log into your email accounts by your usual way have you tried logging in using the BT email log on page.

BT Email 

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Re: Latest email upgrade

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Hello gg30340.

Thank you for your kind reply.

From what you have said and to help other confused people who "may" come across this discussion and solution.

Would I be correct in saying that if / when BT finally ditch BT- Yahoo any emails that currently display the BT Yahoo icons in the top LEFT side of the screen will be replaced with the "NEW" GREETING VIDEO  as I discovered when I signed on with my email 1.

Following this, then ANY BT email based accounts will APPEAR as a "choice" on the newer layout, so that there will be a more "easier" access to these emails?




Kind regards


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Re: Latest email upgrade

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Yes, that is my understanding.

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Re: Latest email upgrade

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What is the new target date for the transfer of all email accounts off the old BT Yahoo platform? This was due to be completed many years ago and I am now left with 3 email accounts on the old platform and 3 on the new! They have updated the ones which which were already on the BT platform which leaves me worried that once again they will not do the BT Yahoo ones.

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Re: Latest email upgrade

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There was never a target date published so there is no "new" target date.

BT are migrating all email accounts onto the new BTMail system on an account by account basis and not on a customer basis, ie all your email accounts will not necessarily be moved at the same time but they will be moved.

At present it is the BTYahoo email accounts that are being moved.  You can not request to have your accounts moved. It will just happen when it happens. 

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