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Leaving BT Broadband notice period

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If I wish to leave BT for another ISP & wish to switch on the same day that my contract expires, do I need to tell you 30 days beforehand to avoid being charged for an extra month? I ask as the ISP I'm looking at only has a max 28 day window between ordering & connecting date.


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Re: Leaving BT Broadband notice period

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It's 30 days notice to ask BT to cease the account, switching takes less time, typically 10-14 days, the switch is gaining provider led, don't ask BT to cease the line as this will break your switch.

The BT billing system will continue to bill normally, after an account closes a final bill is generated around 7 days later, any pro-rata refund will be made automatically, if you pay by direct debit the money is refunded back to the bank account, if you pay manually you'll receive a cheque.


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Re: Leaving BT Broadband notice period

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You don’t tell BT anything , your ‘new’ provider serves your notice on your behalf, if you independently also contact the provider you are leaving, you will probably mess things up.

As far as getting charged an extra month , any days paid for that are after the changeover are refunded and the chances of the billing date run coinciding with the end of the minimum term and the changeover date are slim, basically pick a date that will be close enough , a few days paying BT  into the next month, or a few days early termination charges if the changeover is done ‘early’ will be relatively insignificant, if for example a £30 /month payment went upto £45 and was 2 days later than absolutely necessary , the extra payment is £1 ( 2 days at 0.50p extra ) any questions though should be addressed to the company you are joining.

FWIW, you never pay for the same day twice, the new company bill stars the day after the changeover, the last day of the old company bill is the date the changeover is physically done.

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