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Line crackle possible causes - Broadband disconnecting


I have had an ongoing problem for quite some time now - potentially a year or so.

I am currently on a product. Occasionally, perhaps a couple of times a month my broadband just goes down and stays down. If I check the landline by dialling 1471 I hear crackling on the line (via my Gigaset N300A IP base station)

If I wiggle the BT socket end of the phone cable the crackling stops and my broadband modem can once again sync. All is well for a few weeks and then the same thing happens again.

This happened also happened prior to the upgrade so can't put it down to that.

What I have tried so far:

  • New Gigaset base station and cable
  • New Master socket and face plate (BT engineer fitted when upgraded to
  • New cable from phone to socket (different brand)

Nothing seems to prevent the crackle from returning every few weeks and I just don't understand why.

Why is it that just wiggling the wire can fix it instantly but no amount of new cables or sockets is fixing the issue. I keep thinking there must be some kind of bad connection between me and the cabinet but again, why does it resolve instantly and last a couple of weeks just with a wiggle of the wire. 

Perhaps it's just a feature of the Gigaset base, but I see no-one else complaining about this. I'm a bit stumped.

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Re: Line crackle possible causes - Broadband disconnecting

The most basic test is using a corded phone in the test socket and then dial 17070 option 2. Should be completely silent   Any noise needs to be reports to 151

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