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Looking for Modem Router

Living at home with 4 people who constantly want WiFi from the BT home hub 5 is a nightmare. I am not savvy when it comes to routers and such but i know that the hh is not the best.

I dont think i have a Modem (ONT) box on the wall as only 2 wires come out of it, one for the phone and the other for the hub. 

Any help is appreciated and suggestions for faster internet speeds are also welcome

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Re: Looking for Modem Router

It would help if we knew what your budget was for this.

A TP-Link AC2800 Wireless MU-MIMO VDSL/ADSL Modem Router would set you back about £170 but cheaper ones are available.



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Re: Looking for Modem Router

Its a bit like asking if anyone can recommend a car, do you want a Ferrari or a Trabant.


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Re: Looking for Modem Router

TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Dual Band VDSL/ADSL about £67

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Re: Looking for Modem Router

Four people wanting to use wifi doesn’t sound like a very big load to me unless all four indulge in simultaneous intensive gaming. If so, then a suitable router is likely to be expensive. HH5 is certainly not the best of routers but it is not the worst either. Before what might be an expensive outlay, I would recommend doing some checks to make sure that your HH5 is indeed the culprit. As a first step, a BT speedtest ( will tell you what speed your broadband is to the router us and perhaps help you to identify any problems.

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