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Loose aerial socket

The socket on back of my bt pro tv box the aerial cable sits very loosely in it; deffo not the same secureness as when plugging into other aerial sockets; which deffo doesn't seem right,  it causes us to not be able to get tv channels. Any help with this? 
reported it to bt they sent a guy out he said the box worked but assuming he never actually tried watching live tv channels like bbc or itv. Our tv aerial works fine checked and all,  im sure it is the box with a faulty aerial port but not sure how to make BT give me a new one

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Re: Loose aerial socket

Hi @thomson1022 

was the issue with the freeview  aerial channels the fault that you originally reported to get the engineer visit ?

is the problem intermittent ?

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Re: Loose aerial socket


 Yeahh that was what i reported to bt and thats what they sejt the engineer out for and it was intermit at the start  now no free-view channels at all 

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Re: Loose aerial socket

Any suggested fixes for a loose aerial socket on a BT 4K UHD TV box? I live in a poor signal area (a set of trees between the house and Winter Hill transmitter). After a period of poor Freeview reception (probably due to adverse weather or adverse atmospheric conditions), I checked all my cables and realised the fit of the aerial cable into the rear socket on the BT box was quite loose/wobbly. I suspect that the central pin on the aerial plug is not making good contact with the aerial socket on the TV box, and could be affecting the quality of the reception. I tried other aerial cables I have but none of them provided a tight fit. Any suggestions on how to improve the fit, or do I need to contact BT for a replacement box?

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