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Re: Losing channels - Alibi


Regarding (C) you'll never lose the ability to record but depending when the units were provided you may have to return them or be charged. The key date is 13 December 2019

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Re: Losing channels - Alibi

Is there an easy way to check that on the account?
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Re: Losing channels - Alibi


I'm in exactly the same boat @lemanis  - I'm happy to sign up to a new package, if it doesn't reset the terms of my broadband contract, but there appears to be no way of doing this. 

I'd be surprised if they let you cancel the broadband at the same time, as they are seperate when it suits.

As the patronising BT rep I spoke to earlier, seemed incapable of explaining it clearly, can somebody clarify that, as an Entertainment Plus customer, if I :-

A) Do nothing - I will default to 'New BT TV' with a 24 month term applied to both tv & broadband (unless I cancel before 17th Jan)

B) Sign up to a smaller package - again will default to a 24 month contract

C) Cancel  - lose the ability to record, may have to return my 2 settop boxes, but likelyhood is that I'll still be tied to my broadband contract for another18 months.   


From what's happened in similar circumstances previously this is likely the answers you're looking for

A) Why do you think doing nothing will start a new contract? Doing nothing means exactly that you'd stay on the same contract but lose the channels that are going on the package

B) Both tv & broadband would be new 24 month contracts, broadband price would likely be the same as now

C) You can only cancel tv due to the changes & not the broadband

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Re: Losing channels - Alibi

Thanks for the reply - the bit I'm trying to avoid is the tie in... I'm on the full whack FTTP broadband, and was prepared to pay over the odds to be an earlier adopter, but expect there'll be more deals etc once I'm out of contract in March 2023, so don't want to extend this bit. I pretty much just want to be able to tape the odd bit of TV, and watch bt sport in 4k, which is how I use my boxes today.
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Re: Losing channels - Alibi

Any changes to the tv onto a new package would initiate a new 24 month contract on both. Seems weird you're saying you're an early adopter of FTTP but only took it out eatlier this year going by the contract end date you've stated though. If you don't want to extend the contract though your options are either leave it as is or cancel the tv obly

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Re: Losing channels - Alibi

Only became available at the beginning of the year, in my area 👍

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Re: Losing channels - Alibi

I seriously doubt you're paying over the odds then, the offers have been the same for a while

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Re: Losing channels - Alibi

Really.... It's just expensive then!! 😁 

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Re: Losing channels - Alibi

As the saying goes, “I’m out”! I cancelled my BT TV sub and have now gone the Sky Glass route. A far superior experience.

I did confirm with the BT advisor that the SD Youview box was mine to keep and he confirmed this, however I got a ‘returns kit’ and keep getting emails telling me I need to return my ‘BT Recordable Box’ otherwise I will be charged.

As someone who was previously a BT Vision subscriber and was ‘upgraded’ to Youview by being forced to pay £99, I will not be returning MY equipment for recycling and am happy to kick off if I do get charged.

I have also decided to bin BT Broadband once my contract ends next year … I really do not like the business model of having to renew for 24 months whenever a change is made to your account.