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Lost Landline Number After Cancelling Sky Contract

Hi Everybody,

I've noted that my predicament has been raised on the forum many times but I thought I'd post to see if anyone can assist me.

My Mother was recently taken into care and her Sky contract was nearing its renewal. As she is no longer living in her home and is unlikely to return, I called Sky to cancel her TV/Broadband/Talk subscription. I still need broadband in the house for her security cameras so I decided to sign her back up with BT. I now realise my mistake as I think I should have arranged the BT service before cancelling Sky (?) and I have lost our family number that we have had for over 50 years. I was not informed of this by Sky when I cancelled and it came as a total surprise to me.

The BT service goes active next week on the 23rd of September and I was hoping that someone may be able to assist me in trying to reinstate the old number. If so, I'd really appreciate it.

Many thanks in advance to anyone that may be able to help me.




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Re: Lost Landline Number After Cancelling Sky Contract

If the number has been yours for 50 years then it must be a ‘BT’ number , that was previously ported to Sky , when the Sky service  ceased, eventually the number will be returned to BT , who can then ( after a while ) use it again,  obviously you want it reallocated to yourself.
There are many similar posts, basically , once the BT service is in, you need a ‘renumber’ order , to change the line number from whatever you are provided with, to the one you really want.

Post back when BT are in and working , hopefully a BT Mod will then offer to arrange the renumber order.

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Re: Lost Landline Number After Cancelling Sky Contract


If your number was originally a BT number, which it almost certainly will be, and you are living at the same address, or an address which is connected to the same BT exchange building, then you should be able to get your original number back, by requesting a re-number, once your BT service is active.

You will be given a new number to start will, but you can then ask for your number back. There may be a small charge for this.

If you have any problems getting the number back, then post back here once you are a BT Retail customer with a working phone line, and a moderator can be asked to assist.

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