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MacOs 10 compatibility with Virus Protect 4.10

The recent (Nov 20) update of Virus Protect to version 4.10 crashes on my  MacOS 10 Laptop 😞
This new version appears to be addressing an incompatibility with MacOS 11 BUT (for me at least) is causing it to crash under MacOS 10 (High Sierra).

I have NOT updated to MacOS11 but my virus protect started to crash in the last couple of days.  On further investigation, it seems that when the software auto updates to 4.10 it crashes 😞

To keep things semi-protected I've reinstalled (version 4.9) and disabled auto update (I am not in a position where I can update my MacOS)

Are there known problems with Virus Protect 4.10 running on MacOS10 ?????????

When can I expect a fix ?????????????????????

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